Should My Website Have a Blog?
October 2, 2017
Should My Website Have a Blog?
October 2, 2017

What is HTTP?
If you are a regular web browser, perhaps there might be a time when you have wondered what the acronym https stands for. Https often marks the beginning of a uniform resource locator (URL), which links web browsers to specific webpages. The acronym HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol, which is a set of rules that define the transfer of files on the internet. Whenever you open a web browser, then you are making an indirect use of HTTP.

What is HTTPS?
HTTPS is an advanced protocol of HTTP, which incorporates an additional feature from the secure sockets layer (SSL).  The ‘S’ stands for SSL, which is a standard encryption security technology. The technology provides encrypted links between browsers and servers to make sure that data passing in between the two is integral and private. Read on to understand why all websites or URLs should start with HTTPS.

Information and Website Security

The increase of internet dependency in e-commerce and other areas has led to an increase in concerns about the safety and privacy of information. HTTP is the current primary protocol for information transfer on most personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. Its inability to provide an extra layer of information security during information transfer via SSL makes the interception and tracking of the information possible by third parties. It is thus ideal for all websites to start with https because such URLs guarantee the security of the information shared on the World Wide Web through SSL-enabled encryption.

Good for Search Engine Searches
Search engine ranking is essential in e-commerce because it determines which sites appear first in the search list. Google, which is the world’s most popular search engine, has tailored search algorithms to give preference to signals on HTTPS. As such, your website’s content may appear first on the search list if it is hosted on a site starting with HTTPS.

Necessary for AMP and Mobile Indexing
Apart from being used for security and search engine optimization, HTTPS is also good for mobile pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which are sites hosted particularly for access via mobile telephony load faster if they start with HTTPS. It is also a prerequisite for all AMP sites to have SSL.
Therefore, all websites should start with HTTPS to enhance website security, better search engine optimization, and faster loading.