Should My Website Have a Blog?
October 2, 2017

Graphics are a major component of any website, and they really can say a thousand words to your potential customers. The key is to make sure that they’re hearing the right message from your images. While they’re not as labor-intensive as a video might be, they’re still going to require a decent amount of work if you want your website to come across as professional. Keep these ideas in mind before you settle on any photograph or artwork for your site.

Make Each One Count

This is probably going to be the best piece of advice for your site. Too many images will make the site look extremely cluttered, and will ultimately overwhelm and confuse people about what it is you stand for. If you use infographics, keep each piece of information short and sweet.

Convey Your Brand

Each picture needs to somehow convey a particular component of your brand. Preferably, it should embody your brand in as many ways as possible, and it should fit your target demographic. So, if you make your own sunglasses for those with modest budgets, your models can’t be wearing designer clothes that your customers can’t afford.

Watch Your Color Schemes

The font you use, the color of your ads, and your background screen color all need to somehow coordinate with each image that you choose. Failure to do so can draw people’s eyes away from your main message.

The more a company understands how to focus their message on just a few key graphics, the less time and money is wasted on trying to find the perfect design. A website design company can help you find the best images for your brand!