Custom Website Design

At Lavalux, we build beautifully designed websites that will tantalize your customers, nourish them with useful information, and have them coming back for more. You will have to see to believe the amazing increase in new business, customer satisfaction, and sales.
Website Redesign

If you already have a website that is providing less than exciting results, we can redesign the existing website to look more current, navigate more smoothly, and provide more useful tools.

Content Management Systems

We opt to work with WordPress whenever possible because of their amazing open-source content management system. When you receive the website we build for you on WordPress, you will have the ability to easily add, update, and edit content whenever you want. No coding or HTML knowledge is required for these actions, you can change photos, add products, or reword content any time.

E-commerce Solutions

You want an online store that looks great, navigates well, provides a secure shopping experience, and functions smoothly. Customers should be able to find what they want and effortlessly purchase the items they find. We don’t consider ourselves finished with the job until we have met all these criteria.
Things you will love about our eCommerce services:

We know and utilize the content strategy tactics that encourage customer purchases. Our scalable shopping carts allow you to easily expand your store as your business grows.

Our shopping carts work flawlessly 24/7 because when you have a customer poised to buy, nothing can go wrong.

We plan the most effective solutions for you based on: buying cycle, user flow, your admin needs.

Social Media Strategy

People use social media to find new customers and build long-lasting relationships with current customers. Using social media is an excellent opportunity to reach people where they are, instead of making them come to you. Social media also provides unique opportunities for you to interact with your customers, allowing them to get know to you and your company, leading to them eventually fall in love with your business.
How Lavalux builds a social media strategy for you:

We take your business’ key performance indicators into consideration to determine the most effective social media strategy for you. If social media will not fit your business, we will let you know.

With us, your social media strategy will be integrated with your other marketing endeavors for a consistent and streamlined approach.

By studying your target audience, we can plan a social strategy that appeals to their unique buying styles.

Digital Branding

Those new to the web will need a full set of digital branding graphics. You also never know when an old logo or Facebook cover may need tweaking due to social media guidelines or your business’ own needs. It requires both graphics design skills and a knowledge of branding techniques to create a sensational visual personality for your business.
How Lavalux builds a social media strategy for you:
Lavalux creates:

Logos, Facebook Covers, Twitter Covers, Email Newsletters, Online Brochures, Advertising Banners, Corporate Identity, etc. You will also need matching designs for use off the web.

We supply:

Stationary design (letter heads, envelopes, cd-covers, invoices, etc.), Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, etc.

Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing

People usually find websites because they run a search on Google. You want your website to “rank” high on a Google search so people will readily see yours and click on it. There are quite a few ever evolving techniques that SEO experts use to make your website rank higher in search results.
How Lavalux builds a social media strategy for you:

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is like speaking the language of Google and other search engines. Putting the right words in the right places is like leaving a little note for Google to find exactly where it expects to find it that says this is for so and so. This is an organic (free) approach to getting your website in front of the people who want to see it.

Search engine marketing, or SEM, uses the same principle but for paid advertising. You will need strategically chosen “keywords” (the little notes I referred to before) to compete more efficiently with other websites in your industry, and SEM is the skilled process of choosing and utilizing those keywords.