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LavaLux is a small team of web designers and developers who love to use their skills to help other go-getters achieve their dreams. Whether you are starting a new business or taking your business to new heights, our range of expert services come together to provide our clients with stylish, professional websites that drive sales. We began in 2005 with a wealth of technical and design skills and, in applying our skills to the real world, we have learned what our clients really want and need and what really works on the world wide web. We are based in Charlotte, NC, and we primarily serve clients in the surrounding locations. This helps us provide better service, because we have an excellent understanding of the customer base you will need your website to serve. We have already wowed clients in various industries, including: health services, technology, construction, and legal services.



From planning, to coding, and on to marketing, we set you up for online success.

We take our technical know-how and blend it with the latest marketing tactics to create a killer website.

This is where we do the technical things that make a website run fast, work correctly, and do cool things.

We create website layouts that sell your brand and tell your customers how you do business, even without the use of words. That is the power of quality web design.

A website needs to be seen, so we build your website with SEO and marketing techniques and provide you with super effective ongoing social marketing services.


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Custom Website Design At Lavalux, we build websites from scratch that will tantalize your customers with beautiful design, nourish them with useful information, and have them coming back for more. You will have to see to believe the amazing increase in new business, customer satisfaction, and sales. Website Redesign If you already have a website that is providing less than exciting results, we can redesign the existing website to look more current, navigate more smoothly, and provide more useful tools. Content Management Systems We opt to work with WordPress whenever possible because of their amazing open-source content management system. When you receive the website we build for you on WordPress, you will have the ability to easily add, update, and edit content whenever you want. Anyone can do it, because no coding or HTML knowledge is required for these actions. If you want to change the photos, add products, or reword content, you can do it any time.

eCommerce Solutions You want an online store that looks great, navigates well, provides a secure shopping experience, and functions smoothly. Customers should be able to find what they want and effortlessly purchase the items they find. We don’t consider ourselves finished with the job until we have met all these criteria. Things you will love about Lavalux eCommerce services

We know and utilize the content strategy tactics that encourage customer purchases.
Our scalable shopping carts allow you to easily expand your store as your business grows.
Our shopping carts work flawlessly 24/7 because when you have a customer poised to buy, nothing can go wrong.
We plan the most effective solutions for you based on:
buying cycle
user flow
the client’s admin needs
How we do what we do We choose Woo Commerce to power the online stores we build because it integrates seamlessly with WordPress and provides an exceptionally user-friendly interface. You can trust that we not only adhere to PCI compliance regarding security, but we also utilize other measures beyond PCI compliance for maximum security. We have extensive experience integrating: Payment Gateways (we prefer Variable sales tax Inventory and third-party tracking Product variations Pricing models Dynamic shipping and tracking via UPS, FedEx, or USPS

App Development & Design We create the apps your startup or enterprise needs. Whatever you need your app for and however you need it to work best, we design and build apps specifically for your business or project. We place a lot of importance on our apps, giving them as much strategic attention and research as we do to our websites. Websites VS. Web apps Websites and web apps perform different and complimentary functions. People consume websites. They go there to find information, answer questions about a company or product, and be directed to things they want. Many websites may be visited only one time, such as a website for a construction company. Once the user has learned what they want to know about the company, they call them and can call them from then on. People use web apps. They use web apps to add extra functionality to services they already use, to get instant access to information on things they care about, and to manage their lives. People will come to rely on apps they like. Apps usually have one simple focus, such as solving math problems, calculating diet information, or providing information on cruelty-free skin care products. Exceptional U/I The U/I, or user interface, is what makes or breaks a web app. Have you ever chosen one computer program over another just simply because it was easier or more enjoyable to use? The functions may be exactly the same, but design, navigation, and atmosphere make all the difference. People want web apps to make their lives easier, not to be something else they have to figure out and fiddle with. As creators of web apps, we make it our business to discover what makes a web app more enjoyable to use and we design each app accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing People usually find websites because they run a search on Google. You want your website to “rank” high on a Google search so people will readily see yours and click on it. There are quite a few ever evolving techniques that SEO experts use to make your website rank higher in search results. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is like speaking the language of Google and other search engines. By putting the right words in the right places, it is like leaving a little note for Google to find exactly where it expects to find it that says this is for so and so. This is an organic(free) approach to getting your website in front of the people who want to see it. Search engine marketing, or SEM, uses the same principle but for paid advertising. You will need strategically chosen “keywords”(the little notes I referred to before) to compete more efficiently with other websites in your industry, and SEM is the skilled process to choosing and utilizing those keywords. How Lavalux uses SEO and SEM for your website

We use an SEO checklist to go over every relevant aspect of your website and determine where there are untapped opportunities for better search engine placement.
Our company provides keyword research based on the highest performing keywords in your industry and an analysis of your competitors.
You probably need local SEO to target customers in the Charlotte area, and as we live in the area too, we are exceptionally good at providing this service.
We set up your website with advanced SEO monitoring tools, so you or someone else can manage this aspect of your website.
If you like, we can also monitor your website and ensure that your website is continuously prepared for search engine success.
We will build a pay-per-click(PPC) strategy for your website, including keyword selection, ad creation, tracking services, and social media ads.
You can trust that your PPC ads are working because we frequently test them for optimum appearance and functionality.
We provide actionable PPC reporting for your website.

Social Strategy People use social media to both find new customers and to build long-lasting relationships with current customers. Using social media is an excellent opportunity to reach people where they are, instead of making them come to you. Social media also provides unique opportunities for you to interact with your customers, allow them to get know to you and your company, and fall in love with your business. How Lavalux builds a social media strategy for you

We take your business’ key performance indicators into consideration to determine the most effective social media strategy for your needs. If social media will not fit your business, we will let you know.
With us, your social media strategy will be integrated with your other marketing endeavors for a consistent, streamlined approach.
By studying your target audience, we can plan a social strategy that appeals to their unique buying styles.
We will use information that we receive from you to build your business’ voice, to convey to customers who you are and why your business is uniquely qualified to fit their needs.
Your customers will routinely receive social media updates that are tailored to their desires and their schedules for maximum effectiveness.
A successful social media strategy will require reports and measurements for optimum adaptability. We use the best tools for this purpose.

Digital Branding Those new to the web will need a full set of digital branding graphics. You also never know when an old logo or Facebook cover may need tweaking due to social media guidelines or your business’ own needs. It requires both graphics design skills and a knowledge of branding techniques to create a sensational visual personality for your business. Lavalux creates:

Facebook Covers
Twitter Covers
email Newsletters
Online Brochures
Advertising Banners
Corporate Identity You will also need matching designs for use off the web. We supply:

Stationary design (letter heads, envelopes, cd-covers, invoices etc.)
Business Cards

Modern – Responsive Development We design and develop responsive websites using the latest and most reliable technologies, so nearly anyone can see the websites, anywhere, on any device. We develop websites from the ground up with SEO techniques and your target audience in consideration, to best attract customers and land sales. Our websites are integrated with user friendly and reliable CMS(content management systems) to make it easy for our clients to update the content of websites themselves. You receive:

  • Fully responsive design that is mobile friendly and adapts to a viewing device’s screen size
  • Websites that are both user and search engine friendly
  • Cross browser compatible websites that render perfectly on all browsers across all platforms
  • Social media friendly websites so you can market the site easily and effectively
  • Reliable and secure framework for a worry-free website

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